Customized Cinematic Music from $18 // Jan 2016 Special Deal

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Get a customized piece of music for just $18

This time we are happy to announce a very very Special Deal for all of you working on Cinematic and Epic Motion Picture: You will get a free Customized Edit for your project of any music in our Epic & Cinematic Collection if you purchase a license in January 2016:
(The collection includes those songs you can preview directly on the linked page)

To make use of this special offer, just purchase the music item you want to have customized (any license) and send us an email over the right side contact form with your purchase code. Please describe the dramaturgy of your project or send a link with a video preview.

Please note: This offer is limited to one Song per Client.
Purchase of the item has to be invoiced until Jan. 31th 2016, 12 PM EST.
Custom Edits mean that the parts of the purchased score are individually arranged to fit your project’s length and dramaturgy up to a length of a maximum of 10 minutes. All requests are served in the order of inquiry.