Epic Music for Videos – Free Downloads 2021

A curated list of Cinematic Copyright Free Music / Epic Music for Filmmakers and Video Creators

If you are looking for free cinematic music for your Youtube video or film project this is the right place. We have collected a beautiful blend of epic soundtracks and all of them can be used for free. You can hear all the songs on this page with a YouTube preview. On top we have listed the Spotify and download links directly under each song! Please note: Whenever you use free music for your videos, make sure to credit the author. In most cases you can find some advice for that in the video details on YouTube.


Our latest release is a blend of cinematic and electronic music styles. After an atmospheric cinematic intro and a soft piano break you will be blown by a massive trap style beat drop with epic synth leads. Aeon is the first choice if you need background music for sports videos, epic sci-fi movies or epic music for gaming edits as well as epic Tiktok background music.

YouTube | Streaming and free Download

#2 Beyond

After a soft piano intro this epic soundtrack slowly builds up with a nice progression. The cinematic drums, cinematic orchestra and epic synthesizer melody create a powerful and heroic mood. This soundtrack is ideal for adventure gaming videos, sports but also stunning nature videos and timelapse projects. This song can be used for free in YouTube videos and is also available in the Instagram and TikTok music library for your reels and stories!

YouTube | Listen (Streaming) Links | Free Download Link

#3 Ambient Dubstep

Another Atmospheric Piano Soundtrack rising slowly into an epic soundtrack which is perfect for Nature videos, Travel videos and Epic Timelapse background music. This premium soundtrack was originally featured on AudioJungle and is now available for free. Please note: On Spotify and Apple Music the song is called The beautiful Flow of Life. The soundtrack was used in the famous RIO in 8K time-lapse video which was a Vimeo staff pick.

Listen on: Spotify | Apple Music | Deezer
Free Download Here

#4 Runaway

This epic soundtrack in the first moment seems like an alternative rock song with huge pads and ambient electric guitar sounds. But when the beat kicks in the song turns into a massive trap type cinematic soundtrack perfect for urban sports videos, architecture, travel documentaries and epic landscape videos. Runaway is also available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and for Instagram videos.

Listen (Streaming) Links | Free Download Link

#5 Ambient Piano Soundtrack

Here we go with a soft and inspirational piano melody on a gentle Trip-Hop beat later adding some movie strings and other orchestral instruments. Originally written as a soundtrack for the plant growth time-lapse NEMAS, this piano background music can also be used for emotional cinematic movies and technology and especially as music for environmental videos.

Download Link: https://tinyurl.com/vhzcvyx

#6 Scream

This modern and powerful soundtrack starts with a sacral choir intro and builds up into an epic Trap type beat. This soundtrack is ideally used as music for gaming videos and music for workout videos. The choir sample also makes it suitable for church related videos. The original music video was shot by film maker Alvaro Ezequiel Moreno in front of the epic scenery of the Barcelona Olympic Stadium.

Spotify/iTunes/Deezer Links & Download Here

#7 Future Technology

Another massive beat combined with ambient synth pads and a catchy vocal sample melody. This soundtrack is perfect for sports videos, car videos, fashion commercials, epic technology videos and as a science fiction soundtrack.

Download (HQ MP3) Link: https://bit.ly/2UaUmPa

#8 Sentimental Piano

This warm and delightful piano piece is perfect for end credits and romantic videos such as wedding videos. If you were looking for free piano music for your video, this is the right track.

Download Link: https://tinyurl.com/vtym67e

#9 (Bonus) Corporate Motivational Background

Another amazing soundtrack found on our FMV (Free Music for Videos) channel on Youtube. After a soft intro this soundtrack takes up drive with cinematic percussion and acoustic Indie Rock type guitars. As the name says this is the perfect background music for corporate motivational videos as well as nature, landscape and uplifting marketing music.

Download Here: https://tinyurl.com/v3pldtk

More Music for Videos

This selection is only a small piece of our full portfolio of more than 200 soundtracks and sound logos. Please check our AudioJungle portfolio for a wide range of cinematic music, Hip-Hop background music, music for travel videos and much more. Most of our Royalty Free background music downloads include a bunch of edits and different song lengths. Also check out our collections with music for Instagram videos and music for Reels and stories.

If you still cannot find what you were looking for let us know via our contact form, Instagram or Facebook! We also edit soundtracks for your projects and we create individual background music for fair rates.