How to simply cut seamless Loops to extend Background Music in Premiere, FinalCut or Media Composer

Video Editors listen! Today I am proud to present my very first video screen-cast ever! In this short tutorial I explain a very simple way to loop music right inside your video editing software, no matter if it’s Premier, Final Cut, Avid or anything else.

How to slice and cut loops out of background music is one of the most frequently asked questions, so I thought it’s worth making it a short tutorial. If you like it, share it or follow me on YouTube for future tutorials.

If you like the song in this tutorial, you can also use it in your media: (→ AudioJungle)

The Video Presentation in the tutorial is also available for AfterEffects: (→ VideoHive)


Use Music Kits – Songs that are already sliced

A more convenient way for cutting and looping music to your needs is to use Envato Music Kits. These are royalty free songs that contain all the song sections for easy editing. You will download a ZIP file with all loops and start arranging right off.