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Beat Sales Representative

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For our growing business of selling rap beats, we are looking for a freelance talent manager, agency or sales representative with expertise and connections in the genres of Rap Music and Latin Music. We intent to outsource the process of connecting artists in order to focus on our daily business of music production.

Your Profile

The representative should be able to find singers and rappers, promote our beats to them and connect us for further collaboration or generate leads in our beat store on Airbit. The target group includes rap artists (US/worldwide) and also Latin Rap/Reggaeton singers, especially in Puerto Rico and Latin America. For this reason Spanish skills can be a plus.

Your Job

While we will produce 1-2 new high quality instrumentals per week, the representative will contact artists and promote our beats to them. Any new beat will firstly be available to the representative to increase chances of selling an exclusive license. Beats which are not sold exclusively will be published in our beat store and on YouTube, so they can still be purchased exclusive but also non-exclusive. The representative may use the tools of their choice, such as Instagram, Facebook, Mail, Whatsapp or even phone calls and is also welcome to report feedback to improve our work.

What we offer

For the job we are planning to offer a basic payment (per hour) and also a percentage on beat sales. On top a percentage of PRO royalties is possible in long-term, which is especially profitable if beats are placed in big-selling music releases. The work hours are 100% flexible and ideal for a side business or freelance work. For the beginning we would like to book a fixed amount of initial promotional work, such as 10 hours. If the collaboration is promising it is meant to turn into a long term contract.

More about us

To give a quick listen, please find our beats on YouTube:
Our instrumentals cover a wide range between rap/trap and pop music. Our costumers are mostly rap artists with a clean, commercial or epic sound and emotional and 'conscious' lyrics. The agent or manager should ideally have a sense for promoting such type of beats to the right artists.

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If you are interested, feel free to contact us via our website:
Or send your application directly to:
luminates (at) baumannmusic (dot) com