Epic Background Music for Gaming Videos in 2022 (Free Downloads)

A curated collection with background music for gaming videos and free music for twitch streaming

If you do epic gaming videos, you need epic music! Here you have come to the right place. All the soundtracks in this list are 100% free downloads. All you need to do is to credit the author in your video details as described at the end of this page and that’s it – no hidden fees, no subscriptions and no other cringe stuff.

Most of the songs in this collection are either cinematic soundtracks, epic Trap beats, epic EDM beats or some kind of blend in between those styles. I love to mix cinematic music with modern beats and I call this genre Next Generation Soundtracks or simply Post Score. If you like the tracks, feel free to follow me on youtube, instagram, facebook or LinkedIn for future updates.

Epic Gamie Video background music with dramatic build-up for Fantasy Games, epic open world games and Adventure game videos.

Song Link and download HERE

Powerful Gaming Soundtrack with Epic Choir and massive Trap beat. Ideal epic background music for twitch streamers.

Song Link and download HERE.

Epic dream rock anthem in M83 style with orchestra and guitar. Perfect music for gaming video intros and epic science fiction game trailers.

Song Link and download HERE.

Atmospheric intro with epic synths rising into a massive trap beat background music for gaming edits and twitch streaming.

Song Link and download HERE.

Modern cinematic soundtrack with smooth Dubstep beat and urban vibe, ideal for Sci-Fi Fantasy game videos and Role Play games.
Song Link and download HERE.

State of the art trap beat soundtrack with massive bass for racing game videos, drag race and car tuning videos.
Song Link and download HERE.

Modern and classy electronic music for game walkthrough videos, racing games, open world games and gaming vlog.

Song Link and download HERE.

Uplifting and happy EDM track for arcade games, walkthrough videos and ideal background music for twitch streaming.

Song Link and download HERE.

Uplifting Indie Pop

Positive and easy-going background music with motivational vibes for gaming vlogs, gaming news and youtube videos.

Song Link and download HERE.

Terms of Use (How to credit the author)

The songs on this page can be used for free in any video or film project as long as the viewer is not charged for watching. A permission is required for using the music in any of the following critical branches: banking/finance, defense, fossil fuel, killing/hunting/slaughter, gambling or porn.

To use this song in your video you MUST:

► Include Artist and Song Name in your video details
► Include the corresponding song-link in you video details
► Tag or message us when you post your video

This ‘written permission’ can be used to clear copyright strikes on YouTube and other video platforms that allow music which is registered with a performing rights organisation such as ASCAP, BMI, etc.

To clear usage in media for which the end user is charged (Cinema, DVD, Pay TV, Netflix, etc.) please contact us.

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Free Music for Gaming Videos and Twitch Streaming