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A handpicked selection of 4 x 2 high quality corporate soundtracks for as low as $38

The Inspiring Corporate Music Pack 2016 by BaumannMusic is now available on AudioJungle for download. In the pack you will find a perfect selection of four royalty free corporate music instrumentals, that are especially built to cover video footage in modern and uplifting industry films, presentations and commercials.

The download includes a total of 8 sound files, since every song comes with a full length version and also with a 1:00 minute edit for use in short web clips and commercials.

The Inspiring Corporate Background Music Pack is available for download on AudioJungle (Envato).

Download on Audio Jungle

You can also license and download the songs solo, if you would just like to get one of them.

Four inspiring corporate instrumentals in a pack

The songs are a selection that covers a nice range of typical scenes in corporate films. Each song is also included in a short edit of 1:00 (one minute).

  • Our most inspiring product makes a perfect intro and suits emotional and inspiring images.
  • The inspiration is a more driving and energetic instrumental for scenes of progress, achievement and success.
  • Corporate Technology and Technology presentation are gentle background instrumentals for accentuate scenes of explainations and also business and industrial processes.

A music pack built with business in mind

According to my experience, corporate music should mostly transport a certain mood or positive spirit of success, achievement, simplicity or even trust. At the same time, the background music should be decent and not take too much of the viewers attention. This is especially important to business presentations, slideshows or corporate movies with spoken word or lower thirds with important text.

A music pack is the perfect way to spice up some longer business presentations because you may alternate the songs and make use of an array of songs to perfectly underline all scenes with a suitable background music.

What means Royalty Free Music

If you purchase a license on AudioJungle, the use of the item you download will be Royalty Free. During checkout you will select a type of license, according to your project and once you own the license you may use the music pack without any limitations for lifetime.

Contact and Support

If you have any questions or feedback or in case you need some adaptions or a custom version, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message via my contact form.

More Royalty Free Corporate Music

You may also check out my Corporate Music Collection on AudioJungle, which includes a wide range of inspiring and motivating corporate music instrumentals.


Credits: Cover Image / Header Image by Doob8 on Wikimedia