Here is a little overview to the projects I have done in the past.

2016 Arosco & Insider
Mix & Master
2016 Sunny Syndicate
Sunny Syndicate EP
Mix & Master
2016 AdventureRooms Dresden
Ingame Music
Music Composition and Production
2016 Alcatech BPM Studio 2016
Software Trailer
Music Composition and Production
2016 SPIKE Dresden Youth Center
Urban Voices Project
Music Workshop on a weekly basis
2015 Fassadengestaltung Dresden
Sparkasse Leipzig – Video Showreel → Link
Music, Jingle, SFX
2015 Audiokurst Oberschwaben, Ravensburg
(10 Week Workshop Programm)
Audio Training
2015 Kinderhilfe Dresden by Centre Films
(NGO Trailer) → Link
Music Production
2015 Iceland & Greenland by Joe Capra → Link
(Timelapse Short Film)
Music Production
2014 Global Foundries (AMD Saxony)
B2B Corporate Movie
Music Production
2014 Centrum Galerie Dresden (Shopping Mall)
Public Workshop Week
Audio Workshop
2014 Cromatics (Full Service Agency)
Porsche Auto Salon Demo
Music Production
2014 (Online Service)
Demo Tracks → Link
Music Production
2013 Rio de Janeiro by Joe Capra
(Timelapse Shortfilm)
2013 Jesse Jamal – Aspirin
Album Release
Mix & Master
2013 Cromatics (Full Service Agency)
Event Video Showreel
Music Production
2013 Imagination feat. Errol Kennedy
EP Release
2 Remixes
2013 Wonderbeats x DJ Eskei
Marteria – Lila Wolken RMX
2013 Recruiting Network
Video Blog
Opening Jingle
2012 Frauentausch
(Constantin Entertainment / RTL II)
Music License
2012 Dynamo Dresden TV Opening Jingle
2012 Dissziplin – Eine Jugend (Video Single) Music Release
2012 Black Sheep Store
Cinema Advertisment
Music, SFX, Surround Mix
2012 Scotch & Dissziplin – Too hard for MTV
Video Single
Music Production
2011 Terminal 1 GmbH (Event Agency)
Radio Advertisment
Music Production
2011 Klotzsche 01109
Sampler (LP) Release
Music Production
2010 Scotch – Unbeugsam (LP) Music Release
2009 Kamikaze – Profile (LP) Mix & Master
2009 99,3 Radio Mittweida Radio Features
2008 T-Wonder – Alle Wege führen nach oben (LP) Music Release, Mix & Master
2007 ESB Mediencollege Promotion DVD Background Music (1Title)
2006 T-Wonder – 3,5 Promille (LP) Music Release