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Terms of Use

Welcome to Free Music for Videos!

The terms on this page refer to all songs published on our YouTube channel Free Music for Videos:

Free music for Videos

The music on our channel IS FREE for use in videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and any other PRO compliant website including commercial videos and advertising as long as the video is available for free. To use the music in other media and videos which the end-user is charged for, please use the contact form below and ask for a permission.

Content Restrictions

Please read the following terms carefully before adding our music to your video:

  • The music MUST NOT be used in videos promoting racism, sexism, homophobia, violence against humans or animals.
  • The music MUST NOT be used in videos promoting war and military, the defense industry, gambling or pornography.
  • The music MUST NOT be used to promote products factored by underage children.
  • The music MAY NOT be used in videos which promote doubt on human rights and environmentalism.
  • To use the music in videos promoting pharmaceutical and financial industry a written permission is required.

If you are not sure if your video is compliant with these restrictions, please use the contact form below.

Monetization and Copyright Claims

The music may be used in monetized YouTube videos. In rare cases you may see a copyright claim related to the music from our channel (Your video will not be blocked but monetization may be paused for this video). You can solve the copyright claim by opening a dispute and copying a link to this page in the text form. Claims are usually resolved within 24-48h.

Credit information

To use the music in your video, YOU MUST include the credit information in your video description. Please find the credit information block for each song in the respective description on our YouTube or Soundcloud channel.


You MUST NOT resell or license the music to a third party without written permission. The music MUST NOT be distributed or published stand-alone but only in connection to an individual video production.

What is a PRO compliant website

Some of our music may be protected by a performing rights organisation (PRO). Major web services such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram allow the use of PRO-protected music. Before uploading videos with our music to any other service, we recommend to ask the operator if PRO-protected music is allowed.