How to find music for Instagram Videos and Instgram Story videos in 2021

Music for Instagram Mobile App

Videos for Instagram and Instagram Stories have a limited length, which is sometimes a challenge to deal with. Instagram feed videos may be up to one minute in duration and Instagram stories are limited to 15 seconds.

I have tried a lot of music libraries and stock music websites and I figured out the search filters on AudioJungle are the most accurate tool to find music that really fits into your timeline and story posts. So let’s go ahead.

How to find songs for editing Instagram videos

  1. Go to
  2. Enter a search term that describes the music style (e.g. epic cinematic)
  3. Find the filter with the label “Length” on the left (on mobile open the filters on top of the results)
  4. For Instagram videos enter 0:55 up to 1:00.
    For Story videos enter 0:12 up to 0:15
  5. Apply the filter with the “>” Button
  6. Choose a song and go to check out

music for instagram search filter

Please note: the search filter will find also songs which are longer, as long as they include one edit that suits your filter. In the search results you may read a different overall duration for each song, but don’t worry. If you click on the song title, you will be redirected to the item and you will see a list of all versions included.

Check out our Collection for Instagram Music

During the last years I realized that creative agencies and filmmakers start asking more and more for music for Instagram videos. For this reason I created a short video on music research and I created two music collections with music for Instagram videos.

Custom music for you Instagram Videos

If you cannot find a song that suits your Instagram video in length AND mood, feel free to get in touch! We offer custom edits of all the songs in our portfolio and even individual music composition for fair rates. Just visit our custom music page and browse our portfolio of songs from all genres.