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Music for Travel Videos & Vlogs - The Ultimate Collection

If you are editing travel videos and you are looking for some inspiration for the soundtrack, this is the right place. In our latest curated music list you will find ten pieces of music with a positive energy and some tropical holiday vibes. The collection covers a nice variation from soft indie acoustic music over energetic electronic music to Latin music. To round it up we also put some inspiring cinematic music for adventure travel videos. Enjoy listening and feel free to comment our songs on YouTube.

1. Tropical Summer Pop

When it comes to summer travel videos, this song is the way to go. It creates an positive vibe with a easy-going mallet melody and an energetic bouncy groove. Best used for beach videos in the Caribbean, summer outdoor action videos and water sports. (Get this song on AudioJungle)

2. Uplifting Summer Travel

Modern synthesizers, bright vocal samples and positive piano chords let this song create a super positive and care-free summer feeling. It suits well for modern travel vlogs, city travel videos and action sports but also aerial videos of amazing nature. (Get this song on AudioJungle)

3. Happy Summer Chill

This super smooth summer soundtrack goes well for tropical summer nights, aerial videos of beaches and also holiday nightlife. The song features a bouncy Reggaeton groove, uplifting marimba chords and some Latin percussion. (Get this song on AudioJungle)

4. Uplifting Future Bass

Uplifting Future Bass is a high energy soundtrack with modern Dub-Step drums, bright synthesizers and an uplifting piano intro. It can be used for modern City portraits, action travel videos and summer sports videos like surfing, biking or hiking. (Get this song on AudioJungle)

5. Uplifting Motivational Indie Pop

If you are looking for an inspirational soundtrack, this tune goes well with adventurous travel videos, expeditions and nature videos. It features acoustic guitar, piano, uplifting background vocals and some epic cinematic horns towards the end. (Get this song on AudioJungle)

6. Uplifting Summer EDM

Uplifting electronic music with some tropical synths, funky guitars, smooth saxophone and a driving electronic groove. This soundtrack goes well with beach chill-out videos, luxury holiday videos and high class Hotel promotions as well as summer nightlife and beach party videos. (Get this song on AudioJungle)

7. Ambient Cinematic Background

When it comes to stunning nature videos, landscapes and time-lapse videos this soundtrack is the perfect choice. It starts with a smooth piano intro and rises into a powerful cinematic soundtrack featuring modern Dub-Step drums, cinematic Strings and a unique powerful synth melody. (Get this song on AudioJungle)

8. High Energy Sports Trailer

High Energy Sports Trailer is the perfect soundtrack for action travel videos and action sports videos. It starts with a smooth intro and drops in with powerful drums, edgy future bass synthesizers and a catchy melody. It suits well for snowboarding, surfing, wake-boarding, skateboarding, mountain-biking and any other action sports travel video. (Get this song on AudioJungle)

9. Uplifting

This smooth electronic soundtracks brings you the spirit of freedom, adventure and motivation. It goes well with road movies, city travel videos and modern travel vlogs about secret places and drone videos of stunning nature or cities. (Get this song on AudioJungle)

10. Energetic Latin Pop

This energetic Latin Pop background brings some cool and powerful vibes to your video. It is perfect for travel videos and travel vlogs about Latin America and Caribbean islands. With it's cool urban touch it can also be used for city travels, nightlife and dance videos. (Get this song on AudioJungle)

More Background Music for Travel Videos

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Music for Travel Videos and Travel VLogs

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Custom Soundtracks for Videos

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About the Author

Jan is a passionate music composer who has licensed music to over 2,000 clients worldwide. He recently finished the music for a cinematic travel movie (German). His music is also inspired by his own travels, such as his latest journey to the canary islands (Spain). In the short video montage you can see some video footage shot with a telephone. The music can also be licensed from our portfolio.