Uplifting Vocal EDM Background – Free download of the week

This week we have a very special promotion:
A free EDM soundtrack for your media projects

Uplifting Vocal EDM is a positive feel-good background music for video and media such as fashion, party trailers, beach club promotion and travel vlogs.

The download includes the full song and an instrumental version without vocal sample, each in MP3 and HQ Wav format.


Download the free music file of the week

This download is expired. It was available from Mar 13 - Mar 20 2018.

Listen to the video Preview

Before using the music, please take note of the license terms which are also included in the zip file:

This music download is the free file of the week at baumannmusic.com from Mar 13th - Mar 20th 2018.
Each person may use the music in this download for one media project and publish the project online.
In your project baumannmusic.com must be given credits.

For broadcast use (radio, TV, etc.) or use on media (CD, DVD, USB) an extended license is required.
For any other kind of usage please ask here!