Background Music for Time Lapse Videos

Impressive Royalty Free Soundtrack Downloads for your Time Lapse Motion Picture

Since I produced a few soundtracks for time-lapse films and videos during the last months, it came to my mind to release a small handpicked selection of soundtracks, that time-lapse videographers could use in their media. So I browsed my portfolio of royalty free background music and made a compilation of the most time-lapse-compatible songs. Most of the soundtracks are a mash-up of modern and atmospheric cinematic sounds, mostly starting calm and halting, later rising progressive into more massive and stunning main themes.

The Time-Lapse Background Music Collection

Download Songs from the Time Lapse Music Collection

If you want to use these songs in your time-lapse media, you can download all of these songs for a small license fee on AudioJungle. You can find examples of time-lapse videos with my music among the videos on my homepage. If you have questions regarding the songs in the Timelapse Background Music Collection, feel free to contact me! If you would like to have a custom version (another length, arrangement, stems, etc.) I will be happy to assist.


What style of music should I use for my Time Lapse?

Like in any other field, time lapse videos can be very widespread in style and there is no general advice for a certain background music style. Since professional time lapse footage is often stunning and cinematic in it’s look, the music should be something adequately impressive but at the same time not overload the viewer or distract from the beauty of the current picture. So the songs in my time lapse background music collection are mostly like this: Epic/Cinematic or Dramatic but still rising subtle and not too obtrusive.