Our Greatest Adventure – Out now!

A cinematic album with 11 beautiful soundtracks. Available now on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

After I made the background music for AdventureRooms Dresden in 2015, people started asking if the soundtrack is available for listening at home. This year I finally found some time to make a compilation of those cinematic tracks and released an album on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. You can also purchase a CD version of the album in the Dresden store of AdventureRooms.


01 A Hero Is Born (2:22)
02 Riding To War (2:19)
03 The Journey (4:54)
04 Before The Storm (2:38)
05 Rise Of The Empire (3:53)
06 The Rebellion (2:47)
07 In A New World (3:28)
08 Pressure Of Time (3:23)
09 Our Greatest Adventure (4:02)
10 The Showdown (2:09)
11 Time Will Come (3:23)

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Cover Photo: Nitish Meena

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