Introduction to AudioJungle Music Kits: Edit Custom Length Background Music

Here is a little guideĀ for editing custom length soundtracks for your media projects with AudioJungle music kits. Music kits are songs that are sliced into sections that can easily be arranged in you audio or video editing software. In this tutorial I use the music kit Our Most Inspiring Product, an inspiring corporate instrumental.

The idea behind AudioJungle music kits is simple but yet very powerful. A music kit download includes song segments that you can drop in your video software or audio software and arrange a custom background music according to your project length. After you created your music arrangement you will find some ‘tail’ versions of the segments and place them in the timeline to make transitions sound even better.

What software can I use to edit the music kit?

In the video tutorial I use Studio One, because its available in a free version for Mac and Windows. You may also use Logic, Garage Band, Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. The only requirement is to enable snap events, so that the segments will have seamless transitions.

Working with a music kit for the first time may take you some minutes to get familiar with editing, but soon you will sail through it and your movies, videos or presentations will stand out with background music that suits your project like a custom music composition.

Get the Music Kit in this Tutorial

The Music Kit I use in this video is available on AudioJungle for Download.