Workshop Trainings

Over the last years I have run a big variety of music and sound related workshops in studios and in youth projects. During lessons I try to built a hands-on work-flow right from the start and keep theoretic parts as short as possible. Beside live workshops I also produce tutorial videos and offer online lessons via Skype or Google Hangout. If you are interested in an audio workshop, feel free to drop me a message via theĀ contact form.

Most common workshop contents

  • Steinberg Cubase: Recording, Editing, Producing, Mixing, Composing
  • Recording Studio Basics: Microphones, Devices, Acoustics, Recording
  • Audio for Video Editors: Working with music and Sound in Video Software
  • Audio for Podcasts: Equipment, Recording, Editing, Interview
  • Songwriting and Composing: Basics for Singers and Instrumentalists

Workshop References

  • Cubase & MIDI Workshop @ Sonic Audio School, Chemnitz
  • Audiokurs Oberschwaben @ Studio Wolke 17, Ravensburg
  • Rap & Producing Workshop @ Spike Dresden
  • Songwriting/Recording Workshop @ Youth Center Neuhoff, Strabourg
  • Producing Workshop @ Centrum Galerie, Dresden
  • Songwriting & Recording @ DKJS, Dresden
  • Video Tutorials @ University of Weingarten