Workshop Trainings

Musik Tonstudio Workshops in Dresden


Over the last years I have run a big variety of music and sound related workshops in studios and in youth projects. During lessons I try to built a hands-on work-flow right from the start and keep theoretic parts as short as possible. Beside live workshops I also produce tutorial videos and offer online lessons via Skype or Google Hangout. If you are interested in an audio workshop, feel free to drop me a message via theĀ contact form.

Most common workshop contents

  • Steinberg Cubase: Recording, Editing, Producing, Mixing, Composing
  • Recording Studio Basics: Microphones, Devices, Acoustics, Recording
  • Audio for Video Editors: Working with music and Sound in Video Software
  • Audio for Podcasts: Equipment, Recording, Editing, Interview
  • Songwriting and Composing: Basics for Singers and Instrumentalists

Audio 101 Workshops for Video Creators

Our latest workshop is made for video editors and film makers. It covers the most common questions about working with audio in video editing software:

  • cutting and looping background music
  • clip mixer and audio channel mixer
  • audio automation/keyframes
  • audio transitions and fades
  • vocal recording and voice overs
  • basic audio effects (equalizer, compressor, etc.)
  • importing and converting stereo/surround files

Workshop References

  • Cubase & MIDI Workshop @ Sonic Audio School, Chemnitz
  • Audiokurs Oberschwaben @ Studio Wolke 17, Ravensburg
  • Rap & Producing Workshop @ Spike Dresden
  • Songwriting/Recording Workshop @ Youth Center Neuhoff, Strabourg
  • Producing Workshop @ Centrum Galerie, Dresden
  • Songwriting & Recording @ DKJS, Dresden
  • Video Tutorials @ University of Weingarten