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The new track BEYOND is now available in all apps and stores. Also this song is free for use in your video projects!

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About the Release

With his new single RUNAWAY, Jan Baumann merges two of his parade disciplines, soundtracks and Hip-Hop, in an unprecedented way. Somewhere between M83, Hans Zimmer and Lex Luger, somewhere between soundtrack, dream rock and trap. Runaway is the soundtrack for a new generation: Big. Epic. Massive.

Jan Baumann is a Beat Producer and Soundtrack Composer based in Dresden/Germany. He has written music for more than two-thousand(!) film and video projects, including brands such as DHL, Lovoo and Formula 1 top sponsor Tag Heuer. Runaway is the first single of a series of modern soundtrack releases which will be available for free use in videos and indie film projects.

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These terms apply to the song 'Runaway' by Jan Baumann.

The song in this download can be used for free in any video or film project as long as the viewer is not charged for watching. Excluded are also these critical branches: banking/finance, military/defense, fossil fuel and any media content related to killing/hunting, violence, gambling and pornography.

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Q: Can I use the free background music download for YouTube videos?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I use the free background music download for corporate movies and advertising?

A: Yes, in any media, which is free for the end-user.

Q: Can I use the free background music download for presentations?

A: Yes, in any event which is free for the end-user.

Q: Can I get a license for media which is not free to end-users?

A: Yes, please use our contact form and tell us about the project.