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One of my main fields is the production of Rap Beats and Hip-Hop instrumentals. Many of them have been placed in records released on major record labels and in TV productions and film projects. My focus is to create inspiring rap beats with unique chords and melodies which are an inspiration for vocalists to write outstanding songs.

Many of my rap beats can be licensed over airbit.com. There you will also find different a free mp3 download for each instrumental. To listen to my rap beats, you may visit my YouTube channel or check out the playlists below. All rap beats on my YouTube channel have a download link in the description which will guide you to Airbit licensing.

Rap Beats and Trap Beats (YouTube Playlist)

Latin Pop and Reggaeton Beats (YouTube Playlist)

Inspirational Rap Beats (YouTube Playlist)

Licensing Rap Beats

In my Blog you will find a comprehensive overview about downloading beats. It covers YouTube beats, free beats, license types, file formats and a lot of additional information about copyright and PRO royalties:

Rap Beats – Licenses and Samples – A complete overview