Top 10 Inspiring Background Instrumental Royalty Free Downloads 2017

Are you looking for some beautiful background music for a video, presentation or slideshow? Then you will love our top 10 Royalty Free Background instrumentals for sure! All of them are available for download on AudioJungle and all of them are shipped with a variety of two or more edits to easily fit your project length.

Uplifting Acoustic Corporate Motivational

For inspiring and powerful this beautiful indie pop anthem is the perfect choice. The Download includes edits in 3 lengths and also a seamless loop for high flexibility.

Slideshow Background for Beautiful Memories

This beautiful background instrumental is perfect for emotional presentations and romantic videos. The download includes a full edit and two shorter edits.

Cute Nostalgic Presentation

This beautiful insiring royalty free music download includes four edits for maximum flexibility! It suits well for romantic and nostalgic videos as well as for cute happy commercials.

Acoustic Indie Inspiration

A beautiful inspiring and easy-going acoustic Indie instrumental with a full length and a one minute edit. Perfect for Inspiring media about hope, love or Nature.

Amazing Nature

A stunning epic soundtrack with a dreamy memorable melody which serves well for impressive motion picture, documentaries, timelapse and slow motion.

Live your Dreams

A motivational and uplifting rock-pop song with a lot of drive and a positive vibe of hope. The memorable melody suits well for commercials. Two extra spot lengths are also in the download.

This stunning moment

The perfect song for cinematic and impressive video projects, starting with a gentle piano and rising into a powerful soundtrack. The download includes the song and four seamless loops for easy customization.

The Motivation

This motivational royalty free instrumental has a lot of drive and power. Perfect background music for videos and presentations about strength, endurance and success. An extra 1:00 Minute edit is included.

Acoustic Motivational Background

Get some positive inspiring vibes for your media with this beautiful indie acoustic instrumental. The download includes two versions: full song and one minute spot.

Our most inspiring product

This lovely corporate background music is perfect for inspirational and emotional commercials. The download contains 3 edits and is also available as Envato Music Kit for building your own arrangement with loops.

The beauty of love

This royalty free piano instrumental goes perfectly with romantic videos and emotional advertisments as well as wedding slideshows. It is shipped with 3 edits for easy fit.