Royalty Free Cinematic Music

A Royalty Free Music Collection for Cinematic Motion Pictures and Games

This high quality royalty free selection of cinematic music is meant to address film makers looking for production music to use in their projects. The music collection covers a wide range of cinematic music from calm and inspiring up to adventure soundtracks and intense thrilling compositions. Enjoy listening and feel free to drop a message with your feedback or questions!

The Cinematic Music Collection

Royalty Free Cinematic Music for Videos and Film Projects

About the Royalty Free Cinematic Music Collection

In this collection you will find a hand picked selection of some of the most epic and inspiring cinematic music soundtracks on the web. The bandwidth of moods and sounds in the collection will cover a wide variety of productions, like cinematic movies, short film, documentaries but also emotional and impressive advertisements and game soundtracks. Since all the music is royalty free, you will be able to use the songs for unlimited time, once you purchased the proper license for your project.

Cinematic Music with easy fit

Most songs in this  royalty free music collection are shipped with multiple edits such as a full length, a short edit and a spot length edit. Others will have a full length edit and also a Part A and Part B standalone edit. This gives you a lot flexibility when using soundtracks from the Royalty Free Cinematic Music Collection. In addition we can customize the length and arrangement of each track for you, this is normally not more than $40. Please ask for a quote via the contact form.

Royalty Free Licensing

Since the soundtracks of this Cinematic Collection are hosted on AudioJungle, you will have a flexible licensing for your project, starting with simple web video use going up to worldwide cinema and broadcast licenses. Please have a look on the license details on AudioJungle before going to the checkout.

P.R.O./ASCAP and YouTube Copyright

The music downloads in this Cinematic Music Collection are royalty free and also not registered with any performing rights organisation (P.R.O.) like ASCAP, GEMA or similar. You may use it in any media according to your license without any additional fees. If your project is published on YouTube and a copyright notice appears, you can easily remove it by entering the license key shipped with your download.

Cinematic Music with updates for free

From time to time some of the royalty free music items in this cinematic collection may be updated, for example a new edit may be added to a download. As you purchased a license for a soundtrack of the Cinematic Music Collection, any future update on this song will be free for you and you will be informed with an email by AudioJungle.

Download Details

All music files and various edits which belong to an item of the Royalty Free Cinematic Music Collection, are described in detail on the item page (Buy link). All files are included in a high quality WAV and a 320kbps MP3 format. If the item contains a seamless loop, it will be in WAV format only, since MP3 files are saved in blocks and can cause problems when looped. In any music download from this Cinematic Collection you will also find a readme file with support contact information.

The Creator of the Royalty Free Cinematic Music Collection

BaumannMusic has been working as a music composer for film, advertising and games since 2012 and is successfully selling Royalty Free Music since 2014. More than 2500 projects have been spiced up with our music, which is not only Cinematic and Film Music, but also Pop, Rock, EDM and acoustic music.

Support us with a rating

If you find one of the songs in this Royalty Free Cinematic Music Collection suitable for your Film, Game or Video Soundtrack, we would like you to send us a link to your project and also be happy about a good rating for the item on AudioJungle. You can easily do that by going on the download page when logged in with you Envato account.

Find more royalty free cinematic music

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